Love Walking? Love Cyprus!

This is a completely free resource for lovers of walking and lovers of Cyprus.

We’ve spent many years walking this beautiful country – from the coastal paths of the south and west, through the inland plains, foothills and forests up to the higher reaches of Macheiras, Madhari Ridge and Troodos.

We’ve done this with limited resources: a few CTO maps of doubtful provenance and, more importantly, the Sunflower Books’ publication “Walking in Southern Cyprus”. This latter is a must for anyone intent on walking in Cyprus: you can find a copy of the current (eighth) edition here

Cyprus 8 cover

Over the years we’ve tackled wider-ranging walks and have come to appreciate that research is important before setting off along unmarked tracks in the middle of nowhere. So we started making notes, taking photographs and jotting down ideas.

Then we realised that those notes and photos could be condensed into a useful resource for like-minded walkers: a blog of some of our favourite circular walks with (hopefully) clear directions and (increasingly) GPS co-ordinates for those of you who want to find those parts of the old Cyprus which, even in these days of rampant coastal tourism, still exist among the villages and forests off the beaten track.

Cyprus is a beautiful country where true ‘filoxenia’ may still occasionally be found in remote parts. Try some of these walks and discover the real Cyprus!


Jane & Mark

Trooditissa walk 001

Boring small print disclaimer: this site is a non-professional labour of love made available as a free resource to walkers. Whilst we make every effort to provide accurate descriptions of all walks on this site and to keep walk details updated as regularly as possible all walks are undertaken at your own risk. We cannot accept any responsibility in this regard.


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2 thoughts on “Love Walking? Love Cyprus!

  1. Wow I didn’t even know there was a sunflower book for Cyprus!
    Any chance you will be in the Avakas Gorge May 4th??? 😉
    Also – we went on a really lovely nature trail last week that goes along a river and then heads up to the Machairas Monastery. I have a photo of the trail map (taken at the trail head) if you would like me to send it to you.

  2. Hi Oran! Do have a peek at the Sunflower Guide…it’s where we started from when we were just walking novices in Cyprus! I wonder if the nature trail you mention is the same one as we cover (possibly in reverse) on our Fikardou-Lazanias-Macheiras-Fikardou walk, also on this website? Yes, please send a photo of the trail board map…I think I can guess which one it is but you never know…it may be something completely new! We will be in Cyprus on May 4th but I suspect we will not get to the Avakas Gorge until later in the month…if you’ve not done that walk before you have a real treat in store!

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