Jane and Mark

Hi, I’m Jane…

…and this is Mark.

We live in England but spend a lot of time in Cyprus. Our family has a property in Limassol so we often spend the spring months of April/May and the autumn months of September/October enjoying the food, people and hospitality of Cyprus.

We’re keen walkers and although we realise that to our Greek relatives this is a form of madness, we enjoy spending our days walking the remote villages, forests, ridges and mountains, admiring the breathtaking scenery and revelling in the quiet calm that can still be found in so many undiscovered places.

Is there any better feeling that sitting high up in the Dhiarizos valley on a glorious late spring afternoon eating pastelaki and watching the griffon vultures circling above? Or walking through miles of exquisitely scented pine and cedar forests and seeing moufflon in the wild?

If so, it can only be a fish meze washed down with a (large) glass of Keo at the end of the day!


2 thoughts on “Jane and Mark

  1. Hi! First of all I am impressed by the detailed information given for each trail. And the high definition pictures are such a treat!! Most of the websites here in Cyprus do not provide half the info you do. I have done some the routes you posted here but I would also like to do the other as well. Do you have a GPX files for the routes? Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Constantinos – thanks for the nice comments, it’s always good to know that someone is reading our blog! Although we sometimes use Motion X to monitor our walks the short answer is that we don’t have GPX files for the routes – we know this is something we need to start doing, particularly as maps in Cyprus are not great. If you want to PM us (cypruswalks@hotmail.com) we’d be interested to know whether you can recommend any particular GPS software. Thanks! Mark

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