GPX Files

We know that many of you have asked us about GPS references and GPX files for all of the walks on our website. As a result we’ve acquired a handheld GPS and have been gradually updating the site with the key GPS references for the walks as we complete them.

At the same time we are also working our way through a programme of providing GPX files for all of the walks. This is likely to take a couple of years…well, a bit longer as a result of Covid!

We’ve started indicating on each walk page if there is a GPX file available.

We can’t upload the GPX files onto the web-page as our current platform doesn’t allow for this (please remember: we are a free-to-use labour of love and not a business venture so we use an appropriately-priced provider). So if you would like a copy of the GPX file for any walk you are interested in doing please email us on and, if we have it, we will send it to you. For free, of course!

Mark & Jane